TMJ/ Myofacial Pain
            COMPUTERIZED DIAGNOSTICS:   The Key to Success

Educated guesses, subjective feelings and speculation does not produce effective, reliable, lasting results. Treating the symptoms rather than addressing the source and cause will also prolong the inevitable search for a stable result. Only effective data gathering which will accurately direct treatment protocols will produce assured results. Without effectively measuring the physiologic parameters of the facial, head and neck muscles, understanding the true status, function and posturing of the jaw joints as it relates to the skull and teeth, can one then unlock the key to this seemingly mysterious, ravaging, haunting disease! As Dr. Terrance O'Shaughnessy, an expert in the field of TMJ so wisely stated, " Objective Documentation is the simplest determining factor in arbitrating conflicting subjective opinions".

Relating the objective data (clinical findings, recordings of muscles in function and physiologic rest) with detail, patience and accuracy will assure the treatment outcomes to be predictable, accurate and effective. BULLS EYE!

"The effort then is to measure that which is measurable to relate unhealthy function to healthy function." . . All rights reserved.