TMJ/ Myofacial Pain
            COMPUTERIZED DIAGNOSTICS:   The Key to Success

Computerized Diagnostics, Attention to Detail, Skill & Knowledge

The key to our success is in "the Neuromuscular Approach" we take. Consistent predictable results is what allows our patients to experience the long over due relief from their agonizing pain.

Dr. Chan is meticulous and systematic when treating his TMJ patient's. He leaves nothing to chance. He realizes that rushing and hurriedness will not lead to predictability. His approach takes time when the patient is under his care at each diagnostic and treatment visit. Precision, accuracy and attention to detail is what is necessary to get the desired results for each patient he treats.

Because he is committed to seeing results for his patient's, he takes the time to methodically address each area of the diagnostic work up in order to gain optimal results in the shortest recovery time possible.


When adjusting the lower arch orthotic appliance, doctor Chan does more than just hand the patient their new appliance and sends them off with a word of best wishes.

A series of four (4) meticulous steps are taken to detail and adjust the appliance to assure that he gets positive-timely results.

  • An initial adjustment implementing TENS is used to assure that the orthotic is adjusted to be in harmony with the physiologic closing path of the muscles and jaw joints.

  • A further refinement is made to the orthotic to remove all interferences in the chewing movements - thus further minimizing spastic muscle activity that could trigger pain.

  • A more detailed refinement is again checked and rechecked using TENS to assure the balance, comfort and eveness of the appliance.

  • A final finishing adjustment is then made using computerized electro-diagnostics and EMG read-outs that test the balance/ symmetry of muscle activity when clenching with the orthotic in place. Dr. Chan is able to accurately determine specific point contact imbalances on the biting surfaces of the appliance by means of electromyography to refine the bite to balanced muscle activity in function and at a physiologic resting jaw position.

Dr. Chan's approach implements all three diagnostic and treatment modalities "simultaneously":

  • Computerized Mandibular Scanning (CMS)
  • Electromyography (EMG)
  • Transcutaneous Electro-Stimulation (Low frequency TENS)
"To try to implement one or two of these modalities without the utilization of the third modality will result in limited and unpredicatable outcomes. CMS, EMG, TENS must be used simultaneously for predictable, consistent results." - C.A.Chan

Read more about these modalities see Computerized Diagnostic Instrumentation


At the delivery appointment of the neuromuscular orthotic, one can expect to be with Doctor Chan and his neuromuscular assistant for approximately 2-3 hours.

At completion of this visit the appliance should feel comfortable! Most patient's are surprised how normal the appliance feels when accurately and properly adjusted to a "physiologic rest position" .

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